HIRO - Service for New Fathers

We began this project looking at the home space. After tossing around a few ideas, my team decided to look at new parents. We explored going back to work and breastfeeding. As we researched we discovered a multitude of problems new parents face, especially mothers. The are inundated with services, products and contradictory information. Although we wanted to help we found the service space too saturated to offer without adding more to her plate. 

So we pivoted. To Dads. 

Our service needed to:
Provide the right information when you need it
Facilitate functional and emotional support
Recognize progress & accomplishments
Enable personal time-out


Parents are juxtaposed between a deep love for their children and family, and utter exhaustion. Fathers had significantly less access to services, and often felt on the outside even within their own family. The dads said the first six months were a blur, and that raising their kids felt like an ongoing natural disaster. 



HIRO is an on-demand service aggregator that empowers dads to respond to their new family’s challenges in real time.



Organizing service packages to maximize impact and save time during a crisis

Engaging your support network

Providing the family and friends with meaningful gifting options

Facilitating easy payment

Set up your subscription and rest assured HIRO will be there when you need us most

Service booking options

Enabling individual service booking for emergency needs

Streamlining communication

Thank gift givers automatically and let them know what type of support you elected

Track multiple services at once

Receive status updates and communicate with providers through a single touchpoint

Your priorities are our priorities

Packages are customized to address your family’s most critical issues

Remote access to expert advice

Professional consultation with lactation experts, physicians, nurses and therapists with follow up messaging

Getting to know your family

With your input, we tailor packages and notifications to your needs

HIRO app sign up and package ordering.

HIRO app sign up and package ordering.

Signing up through HIRO is simple. Users determine their priorities, so packages can be customized.

When crises occur, there are existing packages with 3 services each based around needs, like "Need a nap?" Users can use the app to order services or call directly. Once packages are picked, physical services are delivered to the home, and digital services are delivered through the app, like consultations with lactation consultants or nurses.

Payment is done by user or from family and friends through gifting. 


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