I'm a proud Pacific Northwesterner living in Los Angeles. My family bred Brazilian mastiffs and kept a flock of wild peacocks. I grew up white water rafting, and becoming 1st Kyu in Goju Ryu Karate when I was 16. In college I started tutoring calculus and ballroom and swing dancing while studying design. 


What started as wanting to solve problems became a pursuit in design. I studied Virtual Technology and Design at the University of Idaho, where I focused on virtual realities, modeling complex systems and educational tools. I collaborated on teams with designers, directors, composers, music historians, scientists, business students and mathematicians.

Currently I am finishing my Master of Design at IIT's Institute of Design. I've focused on the combination of design and business which allows me to straddle both worlds and speak both languages. This draws me to strategy and user experience. My background in performance and 10 years of working retail have led me to focus on experience, interaction, storytelling, systems and research. 

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Random Trivia

Breakfast or Dinner? 
Breakfast food wins, always

Culture or Project? 
Culture, anything can be great with the right people and culture

Rain or Sun? 
Rain, feel rejuvenated after

Movie or Dancing? 
Dancing West Coast Swing!

Coffee or Tea? 
Tea, chai, matcha or oolong

Dog or Cat? 
Dogs, big dogs

Tamale or Taco? 

Camping or Rafting? 
Rafting on the Salmon River

Excel or Powerpoint? 
Excel, ninja at both, love Excel

Dawn or Dusk? 
Dawn, I'm a morning person