"Well Designed" Metra Redesign

As part of IIT Institute of Design's intersession, Jon Kolko came to teach his methods from Well Designed. In a day we were tasked with conducting an hour of intercept interviews relating to public transit in Chicago. Claire and I decided on the Metra. We went to 2 of the main hubs in Chicago and talked with regular commuters and tourists. 

Based off our research we did analysis of the utterances to create insights that would spark a conversation. Each cluster was named with a full sentence to avoid simplicity. Afterwards we asked why it mattered, why it was important? This helped create the insights that challenged us and our theoretical client of Metra instead of ones we could comfortably accept as truth. From there we designed an app to improve Metra service.

Value Statement

Promotes honest, anonymous feedback to the conductor to diffuse uncomfortable situations amongst riders in order to enhance personal sanctuaries on METRA.

Emotional & Behavioral Outcomes

Ability to anonymously report violations of social norms and polite codes of conduct

Allows riders to air complaints without damaging social capital with riders and conductors

Provide sense of security in sanctuaries through painless conflict resolution

Relieves feeling of entrapment for passengers and minimizes anxiety

Problem Resolution Capabilities

Report different types of issues to conductor

Send push notifications to conductor

Alert nearby riders of problems

Other passengers are notified and have option to agree or disagree

Ability to confirm if problem is resolved and provide feedback if necessary

Ability to reward conductors on effectiveness and tact in resolution


Team: Claire Hevel and Liz Jernegan