United Way Workshop for Social Innovation

As a part of Patrick Whitney's faculty research we conducted a workshop with United Way for Southeastern Michigan's innovation team and prominent social innovators to develop new social innovation models and to test Patrick's Whole View model. 

This was a 2 day workshop, hosted by the IIT Institute of Design facilitated by the student team. 

As a team we facilitated and designed the entire experience. We designed the layout of the workshop space on the 5th floor of IIT's Institute of Design, activities and experiences. Our participants arrived in the afternoon, were fed lunch before beginning in a discussion on means of innovation and current opportunities for social innovation. With help from Patrick we taught our participants his Whole View Model. 

Our participants were able to move between the lenses and gain knowledge on systems they already knew. Using this method they saw opportunities for innovation. We continued with this model and tested other companies and systems to develop new opportunities. 

On the second day we hosted a molecular gastronomy breakfast to get the team inspired and creative before we dived into making startups of their own. 

Using the Whole View Model the participants developed the concept for Together Path, a play on United Way. 

Our workshop helped Patrick refine his Whole View model and its applications in social innovation while empowering our participants to create new models through the use of these tools. 

Team: Beth Schwindt, Jenny Sculley, Ariana Shadlyn and Liz Jernegan