LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Design Language

In two days we were challenged to determine a brand's design language. LUSH is a brand I am passionate about both as a consumer and as a former employee. LUSH differentiates as a brand because they are at their core Innovative, Handmade and Ethical. As a brand they have numerous strong attributes including use of color, logo, touch/texture and customer experience. The scent, typography and shape of the products and packaging are also instantly recognizable and defining of the brand. LUSH shares their story and beliefs in their We Believe statement that positions them as an ethical, aspirational luxury brand that uses effective products to make the consumer feel however they want, whenever they want.

The customer experience is unusual. The employees are passionate, enthusiastic and behave like the sherpas of their tiny stores. Since the product's appearance is unusual, the way you use it and how much are different for first time users, they need guides. Employees also have an understanding of the ingredients and how they make you feel. The only thing customers need to know and share is how they want to feel. It becomes a friendship where an employee can show products without pressuring customers into products they don't need.

Once we understood the brand's design language we were tasked with sketching a concept for a new products in the brand's white space. Using my knowledge of the brand and their spas, I developed what LUSH's bath tub would look like. As a brand they are about the consumer and the product, the bath tub must augment that. The textures and materials are evocative of their products and kitchen aesthetic. The tub itself would easily fit 2 people, accommodate a foat soak to full immersion. The sides of the tub were translucent so you could see and document the products and there are shelves to have the products available and on display. This tub is a luxurious extension of their products and experience.